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“Creativity does not magically turn itself into something. It takes hard work. Adam Leipzig provides the advice and mentorship and business savvy—drawn from the proverbial school of hard knocks—that creatives need to succeed.”

– Richard Florida, bestselling author of The Rise of the Creative Class

“Adam is a natural storyteller. It was a pleasure and an honour to have him as a Keynote speaker at TNW USA Conference. He knows how to deliver a great talk and besides that he’s a great person.”

– Patrick de Laive, executive director, The Next Web Conferences


“Adam is a motivator and an enthusiast. He has the inherent qualities to help others realize the importance of working together in partnership and collaboration, and not in competition. His dedication and tenacity is infectious.”

– Keena Jones, marketing and communications strategist, Freddie Mac

“Our demanding and prestigious client base refer to Adam’s speaking as ‘transformational,’ and the individual impact he imparts captures the attention of C-Level audiences globally.”

– Kristina Susac, Director of Marketing and Open Programs, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business


“You really connected with our Alliance CEOs. You were not only entertaining but truly inspiring. Your Hollywood movie stories were fascinating and you incorporated great examples of how you were able to couple the creative process with business strategy. Our members said your insights helped them reconnect with their own passions and they would be able to immediately implement some of your tools to help their teams be even more innovative.”

– Paul Witkay, Founder and CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives


“Adam shared what it means to see beyond the horizon, encouraging the audience to visualize potential that others are too nearsighted to see. Throughout his narrative, he gave us suggestions for building relationships as a fledgling team within a large organization, something all entrepreneurs can benefit from learning.”

– Karina van Schaardenburg, senior UX researcher, Lyft

“There are few joys in life that can equal the euphoria of making a beautiful film. Filmmaking in Action is a powerful tool to accomplish that goal.”

Matthew Modine – actor, Full Metal Jacket; The Dark Knight Rises


“Adam has given me the steps necessary to produce my work on a schedule, to market and promote it. He understands how overwhelming such endeavors can be and has great savvy in how to move through the steps necessary to turn dreams into reality.”

– Jack Grapes, writer, poet, publisher


“Adam taught me how much you have to earn from others and from each experience, be it success or failure. You’ll be enriched both professionally and personally, which is the greatest reward of all.”

– Kattie Kotok, executive vice president, British Film Commission


“With patience, expertise, and great creative instincts, Adam helped me to focus and shape a potentially good idea into an actual proposal. I probably would have blown the whole thing off, if I hadn’t brought it to Adam. And, he’s a swell guy.”

Jill Sobule, composer, singer


“Adam is absolutely brilliant and working with him is inspiring. He knows how to listen, he gets what you’re trying to do, helps you flesh out your ideas and helps you navigate the waters. He’s intuitive yet highly analytical. He’s the smartest guy and the best person you could possibly have on your team.”

– Susanna Bieger, film festival producer, translator 

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