Originally published in Cultural Weekly on June 29, 2016. 

David Cay Johnston is the best investigative reporter I know. I first became aware of his work at the LA Times when he did exposés on the LAPD’s covert operations, and I have followed his writing since, at the New York Times, Reuters, and, more recently, Politico. He’s won the Pulitzer Prize plus (disclosure that we’re friends) he’s a really great guy.

For the past 30 years, David has been covering Donald Trump. Now David is racing to complete The Making of Donald Trump, his newest book which will be on sale August 2. It’s sure to contain detailed reporting and a host of revelations.

I’m encouraging all Cultural Weekly readers to pre-order this book right now, so it has strong initial sales at Amazon, which will boost awareness of it even more. In fact, order two copies: one for yourself, and one to give to someone who is undecided about how to vote.

Pre-order here:

Top image from Donald Trump’s campaign website.