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Adam is the author of the highly acclaimed book Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers, which has been hailed as a must-read by over 20 industry professionals and has received rave reviews. Filmmaking in Action: Your Guide to the Skills and Craft, by Adam Leipzig and Barry Weiss with Michael Goldman, the definitive textbook on the filmmaking process and all-in-one-resource for college students and emerging professionals (Macmillan). He has authored numerous articles on leadership, creativity, filmmaking, and success for such publications as The New York Times,, Cultural Daily, and The Smart CEO. Adam also serves as the publisher and managing editor of Cultural Daily.  This digital magazine elevates the conversation on the arts and the entire creative landscape.

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Adam Leipzig

In addition to books, Adam has written numerous articles for publication.

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Filmmaking in Action

The One-Stop Resource for Emerging Filmmakers

With storytelling and collaboration as core principles, industry veterans Adam Leipzig (former President of National Geographic Films), and Barry S. Weiss (former head of animation for Sony Pictures), with Michael Goldman, guide students and emerging filmmakers through the skills and craft of video and filmmaking. This comprehensive book is one students will keep, and keep using, for years.
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Inside Track

Empowering independent filmmakers to turn the tables on Hollywood — and get their movies made and seen.

Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers is your roadmap to getting your movie made, seen, and distributed. With 11 Inside Tracks and 99 step-by-step tips, you’ll discover insider secrets, proven methods, and time-saving shortcuts – everything you need to approach financiers, actors, agents, and distributors like a savvy professional.
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