Entertainment Media Partners

Adam offers consultant services through his company, Entertainment Media Partners.

At Entertainment Media Partners, Adam and his team work closely with clients to successfully navigate Hollywood’s talent, financing and distribution systems. EMP provides exceptional creative and financial returns. It maximizes the value and visibility of your entertainment content and investment.

With audiences adopting new ways to consume content and access entertainment, EMP helps you explore new opportunities to create and distribute media projects. EMP serves prestige media companies, creative entrepreneurs, and non-profit corporations. As your expert consultant, Adam will work with his experienced team to help you explore how to achieve your objectives entertainment media.

In a field dominated by frequent conflicts of interest, Entertainment Media Partners is a neutral player. Your success is the sole focus.

Entertainment Media Partners Delivers:

  • Quality results
  • Evidence-based assessments so you can prioritize your time and financial resources
  • Deal-making that benefits all parties
  • Relationships that will advance your continuing business success
  • Decades of expertise to support your entertainment media enterprise

For more information on how EMP can help your organization, please visit its website.

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Creating Massive Value

Adam is expert at training people how to design ideal environments for unsurpassed creativity and remarkable success, as he has demonstrated that his ideas do transform the ideal environment into massive value. People and companies who work with him have achieved immense profits and growth. Adam generously assists others in leading, directing and manifesting their creative works and major projects to produce academy-award winning accolades. He is brilliant in his ability to transmit the “how to do’s” and “what to do’s” in a way that really makes it happen. A natural team builder, he whole-heartedly supports organizations in building and supporting teams to achieve optimum results.

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